Research Areas in ASET

Effect of shear lag on buckling behaviour of laminated composite box beans

Numerical studies on the effect of shear lag on buckling behaviour of laminated composites

Suitablity of utilising industrial waste in the production of sustainable concrete

Flood risk assesment

Carbon foot analysis

An overview of visual cryptography

Protecting Data against isolated defects and soft errors using low delay single error correction codes

New face recognition technique using gabor wavelet

transform and back propagation network

Multiresolution Image Indexing Technique Based on Texture Features Using 2D

Wavelet Transform

Neuro-fuzzy based clustering approach for content based image retrieval using 2D-Wavelet transform

Feature Based Adaptive Tolerance Tree

Experimental validation of fuzzy-tuned AWPI controller-based chopper driven PMDC motor

A Novel Accelerated Fuzzy PI Controller Based Chopper Driven PMDC Motor

Efficient Broadcast and Legimate Packet Forwarding in Wireless-AD HOC Network

Development of Fuzzy Controlled Chopper Drive for Permanent Magnet DC Motor

Performance Evaluation of PMDC Motor using anti-windup PI Controller

Analysis of Closed Loop Chopper Controlled Drive for PMDC Motors using PID Controller

Development of Closed Loop Chopper Controlled Drive for PMDC Motors used in Orthopaedic Surgical Simulators

A Comparative Analysis of PI, PID and Anti-Windup Schemes for PMDC Motor

Analysis of Various Anti-Windup Schemes used to control PMDC Motors employed in Orthopaedic Surgical Simulators

Performance Evaluation of PI and AWPI Controllers Based UPFC for Power Quality Improvement

Fuzzy tuned PI controller based chopper driven PMDC motor for orthopaedic surgeries

Modeling and Simulation Five Level Inverter based UPFC System