July 18, 2016 | Mechanical Engineering

        Department of Mechanical Engineering, in Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology organized a five-day workshop on AutoCAD in collaboration with Ahalia Alternate Fuel Pvt Ltd and Ahalia Medical Manufacturing Unit during 18.7.2016 to 22.7.2016. About 42 students from the third semester of Mechanical engineering participated in the program and it was coordinated by Mr.Anil M and Mr.Sumanlal M (Assistant Professor/ ME). The program was scheduled as two phases. Phase one was for three days. Phase one is drafted in such a way that, at the end of third day, students can easily work with AutoCAD software. The module includes, basics and 2D-3D modelling using AutoCAD software. Second phase started on fourth day and the students visited Ahalia alternate fuels Pvt Ltd. On the fifth day, students visited Ahalia Medicine Manufacturing Unit.


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