Dr.V. Balamurugan PhD


Department of Electronics And Communication Engineering

Specialization :

Applied Electronics

Additional responsibilities

  • Coordinator For Admission Team Visit
  • Disciplinary Committe Member
  • Students Welfare Committee Chairman
  • Coorinator For National Technology Day 2015 Celebration
  • Chairman For Basics Of Electronics & Workshop
  • Coordinator For One Day Workshop On Image Processing
  • Coordinator For Two Day Workshop On Embedded System
  • Coordinator For Seminar On Implementation Of Image Processing Algorithms
  • Coordinator For One Day Workshop On Application Of DSP
  • Coordinator For Two Day FDP On MATLAB Training
  • Additional IETE Students Forum Coordinator
  • List of Research publications in Conferences/Journals

    1.V.Balamurugan and Vishnu.T, Protecting Data against isolated defects and soft errors using low delay single error correction codes, in the International Journal of Advanced Computing, Engineering and Application (IJACEA) Vol.3.No.1.pp.19-22 February 2014, ISSN: 2319-281X.

    2.V.Balamurugan and MukundanSrinivasan, A. Vijayanarayanan, New face recognition technique using gabor wavelet transform and back propagation network, in the International Journal of Computer Applications, Vol.49.No.3.pp.41-46 July 2012,ISSN 0975 8887

    3.V.Balamurugan and P.Anandhakumar, Multiresolution Image Indexing Technique Based on Texture Features Using 2D Wavelet Transform in the European journal of Scientific Research Vol. 48, No.4. pp.648-664. January 2011, ISSN 1450-216X.

    4.V.Balamurugan and P.Anandhakumar, Neuro-fuzzy based clustering approach for content based image retrieval using 2D-Wavelet transform in the international journal of recent trends in engineering (computer science) Vol.1.No.1, pp: 418-424.May 2009, ISSN 1797-9617.

    5. V.Balamuruganand P.Anandhakumar, Feature Based Adaptive Tolerance Tree :An Efficient Indexing Technique for Content Based Image Retrieval in the International journal computer science and information security , Vol.7, No. 3, pp.20-29,2010(BEST PAPER AWARD) ,ISSN: 1947-5500.