Civil Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Civil Engineering

         The Department of Civil Engineering at the AHALIA School of Engineering and Technology, Palakkad was formed in the year 2012 along with the start of the institution. The Civil Engineering department provides an outstanding academic environment complimented by excellence in teaching. The department offers B. Tech degree. The department has a comprehensive syllabus on topics covering all the aspects of analog and digital electronics and various advanced communication techniques. The department also emphasizes on practical learning, study of various fabrication and vlsi tools and software's. The course structure includes courses on embedded system and signal processing which are upcoming areas.


To provide an academic ambient environment for individuals to develop as technologically superior, socially conscious and nationally responsible citizens.


To strive and produce Civil Engineers who can tackle responsibilities of analysis, design and construction of traditional and modern buildings, efficiently handle design, analysis and construction in other areas of civil engineering such as geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering, water resources engineering etc.

To excel in all sub-areas of civil engineering guided by innovative research, inclusive technology and managerial skills for industry, which eventually leads to economic development of the state, region and nation.

Programme Educational Objectives

The Department of Civil Engineering of Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology aims at the following Programme Educational Objectives:

To prepare students to excel in various fields of Civil Engineering.

To provide students with a solid foundation in mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals required to solve engineering problems and also to pursue higher studies.

To make students experts in designing the various civil engineering structures which are functionally safe, aesthetic, cost effective and sustainable.

To inculcate in students professional and ethical attitude, effective communication skills, teamwork skills, multidisciplinary approach, and an ability to relate engineering issues to broader social context.

To provide student with an academic environment aware of excellence, leadership, written ethical codes and guidelines, and the life-long learning needed for a successful professional career.

Programme Outcomes

The Department of Civil Engineering of Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology aims at the following Programme Outcomes:

To make students to apply knowledge of Mathematics, Science, and Engineering

To enhance analytical, formulation and problem solving skills An ability to design the various civil engineering projects.

To make students to be industry ready by imparting in depth knowledge on various fields of Civil Engineering such as Transportation Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Water resources Engineering, Structural Engineering, Geotechnical engineering, Surveying and Project Management

Achieve personal and professional success with awareness and commitment to their ethical and social responsibilities Demonstrate employability skills and leadership qualities to serve the society and to become a good enterperneur.

An ability to contribute individually/ in group(s) representing varied engineering disciplines to accomplish a common goal

An understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities


Professional Technical Associations

The department is associated with professional technical associations and societies such as IEEE and IETE, which allow the students to improve and update their technical knowledge and personality development. Prof. Anjana J. G. is the IETE staff in-charge of CIVIL department.


IEEE is the world's largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. IEEE and its members inspire a global community through IEEE's highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities.

       The department has 6 laboratories. All the labs are well equipped and have good facilities for teaching, field testing and research works in Civil Engineering. The following laboratories are available in Civil Engineering department

Civil workshop

The Civil workshop is well equpipped with a set of equipments and various experiments of setting out. area calculation,plumbing and sanitory fittings were done.
Lab in-charge: Ms. Lakshmi Sai

Material Testing Lab

Material testing lab is used to expose students on various experiments conducted on different materials which are used in Civil Engineering. In the lab, the students tests basic building materials such as cement, aggregate, steel and concrete and compares that with the standards given by Indian Standard codes. The major equipments that are available in lab are universal testing machine, torsion testing machine, impact testing machine, Brinell and Rockwell hardness testing machine, spring testing machine, fatigue testing machine.
Lab in-charge: Mrs. Gopika Unni

Surveying lab

Survey lab consists of equipments which are useful for land measurements and leveling operations. At the second year level, the students gets practical training to the various topics covered in theory course
The lab includes the basic instruments such as theodolite, dumpy level, plane table, prismatic compass and modern equipments like total station, electronic theodolite and autolevel which have more accuracy in surveying.
Lab in-charge: Mrs. Sowmya K S

Geotechnincal Engineering Lab

For the design of any Civil Engineering structure, foundation has to be designed. Design of foundation requires the basic properties of soil and its safe bearing capacity. Geotechnical lab helps the students in understanding the concepts of geotechnical engineering in detail. The major equipments in the lab include the following: Casagrande apparatus, core cutter apparatus, proctor compaction apparatus, CBR apparatus, shear test apparatus, unconfined compression test apparatus.
Lab in-charge: Mrs.Dilna Sathian V

Computer Applications Lab

Computer Applications Lab is the home of scientific computing at evergreen. The mision of the lab is to support students with various most popular softare of autocad, IRC softwares and MS office. We provide coaching with most popular structured engineering software products for 3D model generation,analysis and multimaterial design and also with the geostudies software.it is designed for students and holds all software that can be found in computer lab plus advanced software.
Lab in-charge: Ms. Kripa

Enviornmental Engineering Lab

The Enviornmental Engineering Laboratory is a state of the art,well equippped laboratory that is able to perform most types of aboratory analysis.The laboratory offers excellent facilities for detailed analysis.Students in the laboratory courses also have accss to rsearch laboratories instrumennts when advanced analytical techniques are required.
Lab in-charge: Mrs. Neethu John

Students Representatives

     Second Semester
       Mr.Hari Sankar
     Fourth Semester

     Sixth Semester

      Mr.Sujith kumar.S
     Eighth Semester

Students Toppers

First Year

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Second Year

           First rank
     Ms.Aiswarya V
          Second rank
   Ms.Krishna Priya P
         Third rank



Civil Engineering Association Guest Lecture 2017

Civil Engineering Association organized a lecture on Non Destructive Testing (NDT) on 26th September 2017. Dr. B.G. Vishnuram, Principal, Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology gave the presidential address. Dr. P. Rama Mohan RaoPannem, Associate Professor, Centre for Disaster Mitigation and Management, VIT University, Vellore, Tamilnadu gave the lecture. Dr. P. Rama Mohan RaoPannem covered the various systems used in the field for testing the concrete structures. He also discussed the different situations where NDT seems to be effective. Certain case studies were presented to understand the working principle of NDT. The session was very helpful and informative for the students.

Inauguration of Civil Engineering Association DAKSHINARUS 2017

The official inauguration of Civil Engineering Association was done by Dr. Subramania Prasad, former Professor, NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad on 24.08.2017 by lighting the lamp. Dr. P.Sankarankutty, Director, Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology gave the presidential address on the occasion. The felicitation was done by Dr. B.G. Vishnuram, Principal, ASET. A lecture on “Challenges in Civil Engineering” was given by the chief guest, which was very useful for the future engineers. The students were inspired by the interactive session building a positive attitude. Prof.Nirmala Devi, Civil Engineering Dept ASET presented Memento to the Chief Guest as a token of Gratitude.

Inauguration of Civil Engineering Association DAKSHINARUS-2015

The Association of Civil Engineering Department Dakshinarus was inaugurated on 18-08-15 by Shri. A. Sudhahar, Former Sectratary, The association of Consulting Civil Engineers, Coimbatore Chapter. The HOD of the Civil Engineering Department Dr. Jino John welcomed the gathering and the Director Dr.G. Sankarankutty delivered the Presidential Address. The chief guest of the day was Shri. A sudhahar then delivered the inaugural addressand the Association was formally inaugurated by the lighting the lamp.


This was followed by a technical session on Good Construction Practices by the chief guest.He emphasised the need for economical design, good workmanship, and better selection of materials in construction. He also mentioned the need to provide solutions rather answers in the field of civil construction.It was extremely an informative and inspiring session. .

Afternoon Session

In the afternoon session a technical exhibition was held. Various technical games were conducted in which all the students took active participation. The day finally came to an end by promising more such programs from the association. .

The office bearers of the association for the academic year 2015-16.

Name Role Executive Members
Mr. Ciril Cherian. , S8 CE President Mr. Subash S., S8 CE
Ms. Deepa, S7 CE Vice President Ms.Haritha.S S4 CE
Ms. Darsana S., S6 CE Secretary Mr.Sajal P.K,S4 CE
Mr.Ashirwad K., S6 CE Joint Secretary Ms. Saranya E., S6 CE
Mr. Renjith M., S8 CE Treasurer Mr.Sandeep S, S6 CE

Head of the Department

Dr.Jino Jhon
Department of Civil Engineering
Ahalia Health,Heritage & Knowledge Village
Pincode - 678 557,

+91- 4923- 226666,9495587650,9633533777