Center for Research and Industrial Collaboration {CRIC}

About CRIC

Center for Research and Industrial Collaboration (CRIC) aims to nurture interdisciplinary research, collaboration with industries and entrepreneurship in the areas of science and engineering to enable Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology to become a global center of excellence.

It has been setup with the following broad objectives:

  1. To motivate and promote research amongst students and faculty
  2. To encourage interdisciplinary research for solving the challenges of the world we live in
  3. To collaborate with industries for increased Industry-Institute interaction via industry-based projects, guest lectures, etc
  4. To encourage entrepreneurship amongst students

Quality Objectives:

In accordance with the Quality Policy of Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology, the following quality objectives have been established:

Sl.No Quality Objectives Target
Enhancement of academic quality through research and development Every year 10% of staff registering for Ph.D.
2 Enhancement of academic quality through research and development To have research and development and consultancy center in every department in 10 years
3 Encourage staff for research publications To publish one paper per faculty every two years
4 To get patents At least one patent every two years
5 Encourage start-ups through EDC At least one start-up per year)

Faculty members:

The following are the faculty members associated with CRIC

Sl.No Name of faculty Designation
Dr. Krishna Kumar Kishor A. P. – ECE, Director R&D Centre
2 Ajin A. S. A. P. – ECE, Coordinator (Research)
3 Dhanesh S. A.P.– ME, Coordinator (Industrial Collaboration)
4 Anjana J. G. A. P. – ECE, Coordinator (EDC)
5 Lakshmy Suresh A. P. – EEE, Coordinator (EDC)
Anil M. A. P. – ME (EDC)
7 Roshan Sanu A. P. – CSE (EDC)
8 Dr. P. Sankarankutty Director – ASET
9 Dr. B. G. Vishnuram Principal – ASET
10 Dr. G. Murugananth HoD – EEE
Dr. Jino John HoD – CE
12 Dr. Ramesh Kumar HoD – CSE
13 Dr. V. B. Balamurugan HoD – ECE
14 Prof.Prakash HoD-ME
15 Binoy Balan HoD – S&H