Workshop on Internet of Things

Two day workshop and Hands on Training on “Internet on Things (IOT) System Design Using CC3200” was organized by Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering on May 8th and 9th, 2018 in association with STEPS Knowledge Services Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore and Texas Instruments, Bangalore. Dr. G Murugananth, HoD of Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering inaugurated the workshop with a welcome speech in which he welcomed the resource persons and explained the objectives and importance of the workshop to the participants First day started with keynote lecture on IoT by Mr. V. S. Ramesh, Director, STEPS Knowledge Services Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore and it provided the insights of IoT applications for smart home, smart cities, smart light etc. Then he discussed about TI CC3200 microcontroller and how to programme it using Energia which is an open source, rapid prototyping tool for creating embedded firmware on various LaunchPad kits. The session also included demo applications. The second day of workshop was planned to provide hands on experience with IoT device and application. Participants were introduced to the wifi concept from a programming point of view and its relevance to IoT device. All the participants participated in coding for accessing light and sensing a key pressed on IoT kit though android application. Mr. V S Ramesh illustrated us how to create an IoT-connected sensor with Energia & MQTT. He demonstrated how to access the MQTT client Library in Energia to connect CC3200 LaunchPad to various cloud servers like IBM, Thingspeak, Temboo etc. Day ended with the demonstration of live Obstacle Detecting Line Follower Robot using TI Microcontroller. This workshop benefited the engineering faculty to get a very good exposure of Internet enabled systems and their applications. The IoT Hands-on workshop covered the architecture and working with TI CC3200 which is a dual heterogenous wireless microcontroller and the first in the industry to evolve to a single chip design than can process and seamlessly connect to WiFi for enabling IoT in any application. The faculty members of both EEE and ECE departments attended the program.The certificates were distributed to all attendees in valedictory function of the workshop.Dr. G Muruganath, Hod, EEE Department felicitated the resource person and delivered the vote of thanks. Mrs. Vijitha Khan, Assistant Professor of ECE department gave the feedback about the training sessions.