Science & Humanities

Department of Science and Humanities

The Department of Science and Humanities includes faculty and facilities for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English and Management discipline. The Department of Science and Humanities offers courses such as Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry, Communication Skills and Personality Development, Environmental Engineering, Engineering Economics, Life Skills and Principles of Management for various branches of Engineering from First to Sixth Semester of the B.Tech.

The Department is well equipped with large spacious Chemistry and Physics Laboratories with most modern facilities for the students to carry out the experiments specified in the syllabus. There is a fully air conditioned language laboratory and it is equipped with necessary PC's and software, it also has independent audio-visual terminals which helps the students to practice and improve their English accent and communication.


To grow as a department of excellence in SH engineering, to train students in contemporary technologies, mold them to suite the global industrial need and develop skillful engineers instilled with knowledge of the concerned branch, penal province and professional attitude.


The mission of S and H department is to provide education for students to help them meet the international competition and produce creative solutions for the societys needs

To adopt instructive process to meet the objectives and outcomes of the branch.

To train students to initiate project works in tune with industry.

To build a team of competent professors, students and researchers

To form group of engineers with unbeatable professional competence and broader global outlook

       The Department is well equipped with large spacious Chemistry and Physics Laboratories with most modern facilities for the students to carry out the experiments specified in the syllabus. A fully air conditioned language laboratory equipped necessary PCs and software with independent audio visual terminals for students is available for learning and practicing English language.

Physics Lab

Physics Lab

The main objective of conducting laboratory in Physics is to make the student to analyze the principle of Physics involved in the device and also to allow the students to relate the principles to new applications. There are around title experiments in which areas of optics, mechanics to electronics are covered, by which the student gets nurtured to all the branches of Engineering. The performance of these twelve experiments makes the student to think in an innovative manner and also improve these creative skills which are very essential in Engineering.

Lab in-charge(s): Mr.Thannasi C and Ms.Suby Mary Mathew

Chemistry lab

Chemistry lab

Chemistry is one of the subject which gives adequate knowledge about the applications involved in the mechanical, environmental and other engineering fields. Knowledge of chemistry plays a vital role in Engineering profession and it enables the potential engineers to understand and perform successfully with multidisciplinary tasks. The main objective of the department is to develop the necessary theoretical and practical aspects required for understanding the intricacies of the subject and also to give adequate exposure to the applied chemistry aspects in different disciplines of engineering. Our faculty educates the engineering students with all the necessary concepts related to chemistry and develops a scientific attitude by means of distinguishing, analyzing and solving various engineering problems. We are training the students to develop their experimental skills and important practical knowledge in engineering by providing sophisticated chemistry laboratory.

Lab in-charge(s): Mrs.Megha M and Mr.Basil Baby

Language lab

Language lab

The ASET Language Lab, is managed by the Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities. The exercises give the students to expose to a variety of listening and speaking lessons, helping them to overcome language deficiencies, and improve their command over the language. The department trains students to excel in the communication skills through interactive lab sessions which will motivate the students to achieve their fullest potential for self-development in various aspects of language and communication skills for success in their professional and social life. The department is equipped with adequate number of computers with necessary software and accessories. Further, the department equips students to appear for the certificate programmes such as Business English (BEC), International English Language Testing Scheme (IELTS), Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and other competitive examinations.

Lab in-charge: Mrs.Shiji S

Dr. Binoy Balan K,
Head of the Department,
Dept. of Science and Humanities,
Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology,
Ahalia Health,Heritage & Knowledge Village,
Pincode - 678 557.

                  +91- 4923- 226666