Siva Shankar S


Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Specialization :

Computer Science


+91- 4923- 226666

Additional responsibilities

  • Department NPTEL coordinator
  • S3 CSE Class Tutor
  • Disciplinary committee member
  • List of Research publications in Conferences/Journals

    1. Rafeeque K.M , SivaShankar.S, published Secure Image Transformation Using Remote Sensing Encryption Algorithm in International Journal Of Engineering Research and Technology vol.1 (2),2012,ISSN 2278-0181.

    2. SivaShankar.S ,Dr.A.Rengarajan ,Published Multilevel Spread Spectrum HDWT Technique for Image Watermarking in International Journal of Applied Engineering Research ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 9, Number 24 (2014) pp. 28193-28200

    3. Sulab S, SivaShankar.S Published Advanced Suspicious URLs Twitter Stream in International Journal Of Engineering and Computer Science, Online ISSN: 2319-7242.

    4. Paper on Collecting and Filtering out Phising Suspicious URLs using Twitter Stream was presented on 21-03-14 in National Conference on Innovations in Next Generation Computing and Communication Technology.

    5. Lekshmi Mohan , Siva Shankar.S Published Paper on Enhancing the Inter Cloud Data Transfer Using Cache Manager in International Journal for Innovative Research in Science and Technology ,Volume 2,Issue 2 ,July 2015,ISSN 2349-6010

    6. Joseph Kurian,Siva Shankar.S published paper on Parallel Rendezvous Protocol with Improved Broadcast Mechanism for Ad-Hoc Networks ,Volume 2,Issue 2,July 2015,ISSN 2349-6010.

    7. Paper on Multiple Rendezvous Protocols and Architecture was presented on 25-02-15 in IEEE International Conference on Softcomputing and Network Security(ICSNS 15).

    8. Paper on Stream Processing Technique for Load Balancing With Map Reduce Framework was presented on 20-03-15 in DRDO Sponsored IInd IEEE International Conference on Innovations in Information,Embedded and Communication Systems(ICIIECS 15).

    9. Paper on Securing data Packet from Vampire Attacks in WSN was presented on 23-09-15 in National Conference on Network & Computing Technologies nConnect - 2k15 .