The College has a fleet of 16 buses to transport students and staff from various places in and around Palakkad to college and back. These buses operate along 16 routes starting from different points approximately between 7.00 and 7.45 a.m. The starting points are:

1. Koduvayur

2. Mannarkkad

3. Cherpulassery

4. Kottayi

5. Nenmmara

6. Malampuzha

7. Ottapalam

8. Vadakkanchery

9. Kodumbu/Perumbavu

10. Kannanur

11. Vandithavalam


13. Chittur

14. Olavakkode


16. Kanjikode

Transport is also provided for hostel students, sports, laboratory and late evening classes. On special occasions buses are sent for industrial visits and social service activities. Use of private vehicles like two-wheelers and cars by students are not permitted, in order to prevent accidents and late-comers to college.

      Transport Committee

The Principal has constituteda Transport Committee with staff and students towards maintaining bus operation smooth and to ensurediscipline and anti-ragging in the buses. The Committee discusses the report problems regarding transport facility and disciplinary action if necessary.

      Bus ID Information

Every year every college bus user has to pay the bus fee within stipulated date and should collect college bus Identify card from the Mr Biju , Convener, Transport Committee, by submitting original fee receipt along with latest passport size photo. They should carry the ID card all the time in the buses along with college ID.

      Instruction to the Bus user

Cell phones are not allowed in the bus.

Do not use cell phones / i-pods / musical instruments etc. in the bus

Discussions causing disturbance to the others is strictly prohibited in the bus.

Wear student identity card and carry bus pass at all times in the bus.

Ragging is strictly prohibited.

Users should board the bus in their respective stop / shift allotted to them only.

Disciplinary action will be taken on those violating the above rules.

In case of emergency contact : Convener, Transport Committee : Cell 9496351808

      New College Buses in the Academic Year 2015-16

      Thirteen college Bus are operated in the following seven routes to pick-up and drop students in and around Palakkad.

Bus No:1 Koduvayur Bus No:2 Mannarkad Bus No:3 Cherplassery Bus No:4 Kottayi Bus No:5 Nemmara
Bus No:6 Malampuzha Bus No:7 Ottapalam Bus No:8 Vadakkanchery Bus No:9 Kodumbu/Perumbavu Bus No:10 Kannanur
Bus No:11 Vandithavalam Bus No:12 Kunissery Bus No:13 Chittur Bus No:14 Olavakkode Bus No:15 Para Bus No:16 Kanjikode