Ahalia School of Engineering & Technology

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Anti-Ragging Committee

The following faculty members and students are nominated as members of the Anti-Ragging Committee for the academic year 2021-22.

Sl. No.CompositionName and Designation of the memberEmail ID
1ChairmanDr. P. R. Sreemahadevan Pillai, Principalprinicial.aset@ahalia.ac.in
2ConvenerDr. Binoy Balan K., Prof. & Head S&H Dept.hodsh.aset@ahalia.ac.in
3MembersDr. G. Murugananth, Prof. & Head EEE Dept.hodeee.aset@ahalia.ac.in
Prof. D. Prakash, Prof. & Head ME Dept.hodme.aset@ahalia.ac.in
Dr. S. Gunasekaran, Prof. & Head CSE Dept.hodcse.aset@ahalia.ac.in
Dr. V. Balamuruagan, Head S&H Dept.hodece.aset@ahalia.ac.in
Ms. Kripa K M, Head CE Dept.hodce.aset@ahalia.ac.in
Ms. Lakshmi Sai, Asst. Prof. CE Dept.lakshmi.sai@ahalia.ac.in
Ms. Lakshmi Suresh, Asst. Prof. EEE Dept.lakshmy.suresh@ahalia.ac.in
Ms. Sunitha K. G., Asst. Prof. S&H Dept.sunitha.kg@ahalia.ac.in
Mr. Sreenivasan T. R., Administrative Officeradmin.aset@ahalia.edu.in
4Members of PTAProf. Jyolthsna C. G.
Mr. Jamil Kumar P. K.
5Management NomineeMr. Sarath S., Trustee AIF
61 Member (media)Ms. Beena Govind, Senior Reporter-Mathrubhumi
71 Member (NGO involved in youth activities)Ms. Jissa Jomon, Janani Society
81 Member (Police Administration)Sub-Inspector of Police, Walayar
91 Member (Civil Administration)Mr. Sathish, CI of Police, Excise Dept.