Ahalia School of Engineering & Technology

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Executive Committee College Student’s Council

The following faculty members and students are nominated as members of the Executive Committee College Student’s Council for the academic year 2021-22.

Sl. No.CompositionName and Designation of the member
1ChairpersonMr. Devaraj R., 2019-2023 batch, CSE Dept.
2Vice ChairpersonMs. Arya R. Krishna, 2019-2023 batch, ECE Dept.
3General SecretaryMr. Abhijith S., 2019-2023 Batch, ME Dept.
4Patron-cum-TreasurerDr. P. R. Sreemahadevan Pillai, Principal
5Staff Advisor (Ex-officio)Mr. Vivek Gopi, Asst. Prof. ME Dept.
6Magazine EditorMr. Pramod Krishna P., 2019-2023 batch, EEE Dept.
7Arts Club SecretaryMs. Praveena R., 2020-2024 batch, CSE Dept.
8Sports SecretaryMr. Sajeesh U., 2018-2022, ME Dept.
9Student membersMr. Ullas A. P., 2018-2022 batch, CSE Dept.
Mr. Sreejith A., 2018-2022 batch, EEE Dept.
Mr. Sanoj R. Krishnan, 2018-2022 batch, ME Dept.
Mr. Sudeep A., 2018-2022 Batch, ME Dept.
Ms. Kavya Mukundan, 2018-2022 batch, ECE Dept.
Ms. Swetha, 2019-2023 batch, CE Dept.
Ms. Anajali K., 2019-2023 batch, CE Dept.
Ms. Sneha Krishna, 2020-2024 batch, ECE Dept.