Ahalia School of Engineering & Technology

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MOOCs Certificate Holders

Basil Shaji(2019-2023)C for everyone : programming fundamentalsCoursera2020
Vaishnavi V(2019-2023)c tutorial courseCoursera2020
Unnikrishnan P(2019-2023)Electric Power SystemCoursera2020
Unnikrishnan P(2019-2023)Materials Science: 10 Things Every Engineer
Should Know
Pramod Krishna P(2019-2023)Materials Science: 10 Things Every Engineer
Should Know
Jijith V(2019-2023)C for everyone : programming fundamentalsCoursera2020
Jijith V(2019-2023)Cybersecurity and internet of thingsCoursera2020
Gautham M(2019-2023)Materials Science: 10 Things Every Engineer
Should Know
Gautham M (2019-2023)C for everyone : programming fundamentalsCoursera2020
Anagha K B (2018-2022)Mind control: Managing your mental health during COVID 19Coursera2020
Arjun K(2018-2022)Cameras,Exposure and photographyCoursera2020
Arjun K(2018-2022)Introduction to Environmental Engineering and scienceNPTEL2020
Arjun K(2018-2022)Human resource developmentNPTEL2021
Arjun K(2018-2022)Programming for Everybody(Getting Started with Python)Coursera2020
Arjun K(2018-2022)Foundations:Data,Data,EverywhereCoursera2020
Jamsheer(2018-2022)Machine learning for AllCoursera2020
Jamsheer(2018-2022)Interface with ArduinoCoursera2020
Jamsheer(2018-2022)Python for everybodyCoursera2020
Bhadra Mahesh A. (2017-21)Principles of Signals and SystemsNPTEL2020
Bhadra Mahesh A. (2017-21) Joy of Computing Using PythonNPTEL2021
Badhra Mahesh A(2017-21) Crash course on PythonCoursera2020
Badhra Mahesh A(2017-21) Pradhan Mantri YuvaYojanaCoursera2018
Sumithra S(2017-21) Principles of Signals and SystemsNPTEL2020
Sumithra S(2017-21) Pradhan Mantri YuvaYojanaNPTEL2020
Premjith J(2017-21) Course on Programming for everybodyCoursera2020
Premjith J(2017-21) Course on IoT-in ActionCoursera2020
Ranjith C(2017-21) Online course on java programming by udemyCoursera2020
Ranjith C(2017-21) online course sustainable development goals by courseraCoursera2020
Ajees A(2017-21) Design your own Solar Home SystemCoursera2020
Ajees A(2017-21) Wind energyCoursera2020
Arjun M(2017-21) Electric power systemsCoursera2020
Ajesh P K(2017-21) Electric power systemsCoursera2020
Nivedha Menon(2017-21) Programming for everybodyCoursera2020
Abhiram N(2017-21) The beginners guide to Cyber securityCoursera2020