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Forty Six Students Placed in Sutherland Technologies

Ms. Aiswarya Varsha R. (CE), Mr. Anvar M. (CE), Ms. Athulya K. U. (CE), Ms. Darsana S. (CE), Ms. Deepthi C. P. (CE), Ms. I. P. Malavika (CE), Ms. Nipuna M. (CE), Ms. Thara P. (CE), Ms. Susmitha U. (CSE), Ms. Sini George (CSE), Ms. Angitha M. C. (CSE) , Ms. Anisha E. (CSE), Mr. Arun S. (CSE), Ms. Harsha N. (CSE), Ms. Nayan N. (CSE), Mr. Afsal V. M. (EEE), Mr. Akshay Shankar (EEE), Mr. Aravind M. (EEE), Mr. Aravind S. Kumar (EEE), Ms. Bincy B. (EEE), Mr. Aravind M. (EEE), Mr. Mohammed Rafeeq M. (EEE), Mr. M. Vishnu Murali (EEE), Mr. Abinand S. (EEE batch), Mr. Achuthan K. (EEE), Ms. Sree Parvathi V. Gopinath (EEE), Mr. Arif Khan S. (ME), Mr. Arjun C. (ME), Mr. Arjun Das (ME), Mr. Arun P. (ME), Mr. Aswin K. (ME), Mr. Aswin S. (ME), Mr. Bitto Thomas (ME), Mr. Edwin Nikhil V. (ME), Mr. Gokul J. (ME), Mr. Mohamed Suhail S. (ME), Mr. Pranav T. (ME), Mr. Praveen C. (ME), Mr. Sai Das S. (ME), Mr. Sailesh A. (ME), Mr. Sharot U. T. (ME), Mr. Sobin S. (ME), Mr. Sreehari A. D. (ME), Mr. Sreeram Sankar C. (ME), Mr. Sujith M. (ME), Mr. Varun Das (ME) and Mr. V. Ashwin (ME), students of the 2103-17 batch have been offered placement in Sutherland Technologies as Marketing Executive. Congratulations!