IV to Milma Dairy Unit, Kallepully, Palakkad

IV to Milma Dairy Unit, Kallepully, Palakkad

The students of S7 EEE along with faculty members, Mr.Subin Chacko, Ms. Sruthi, Ms. Veenaa Raj and Mr.Radhakrishnan visited the Milam Dairy Unit, Kalleppully, Palakkad. The industrial visit was held on 21st October 2022. Initially there was a presentation on the domestic and global opportunities for the EEE students and various other aspects of the electrical machineries in dairy production unit. There were eminent personalities like Mr. Prasobh K. who graced the occasion with their presence. They also shed light on the various policies and steps taken in the direction to flourish the Milma Dairy Industry and make it compete with the national market.

At our industrial visit we studied about the following points:

• Validation & testing techniques in dairy

 • Research & development breakthrough

 • Manual & automatic testing methods of milk

 • Working of production machineries

• Power supply using transformers

• Cooling system and boilers

• Waste water recycling

• Packing of dairy products

 • Storing, packaging and distribution of dairy products