Three Day FDP on ‘Recent Trends in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning’

Three Day FDP on ‘Recent Trends in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning’

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology organized KTU Sponsored 3-day online Faculty Development Programme on Recent trends in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning during,28-30July 2021. The programme was inaugurated on 28 June 2021by chief guest Mr. Vijay  Nair, Director, CTO ,Assyst International Pvt.Ltd.Kochi, Kerala. The Chief guest gave a valuable insight toFaculty development programs (FDPs).He described athatMachine Learning is a technology that has witnessed an exponential rise in its usage and popularity in the last couple of years. A huge number of aspirants from around the world are quickly learning this technology and putting the knowledge to various applications like automate, predict the future, analyze trends and patterns from the past data, GPS Tracking for traffic, Email spam filtering, text prediction, spell check and correction . He enlightened theFaculty development programs (FDPs) have proven to be successful for improving teaching skills in higher education.It has been long believed that the most important resource that any institutionof higher educationon has is its faculty members who teach knowledge and skills to student. 

Dr.VBalamurugan  had welcomed the gathering and briefed about the FDP and its importance.He stressed that FDPs produce promising outcomes in the learning and teaching practices so that teachers attend FDP training activities on regular basis.

Dr. P.R SreemahadevanPillai,Principal,Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology and Director, Ahalia group of Academic Institutions, gave the presidential address.  Hetalked Participation in such program would enable faculty members to update their research and latest skillsabout latest technologies.The knowledge the faculty member gets during faculty development program will motivate them to teach the student in a more innovative way this will improve your skills.

Dr. Krishna Kumar Kishor , Vice- Principal, Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology and Executive  Director, Ahalia Group, felicitated the gathering . He highlighted that in the recent past, many new technologies have been introduced in the education system to adopt new technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence.Faculty members need to be prepared enough by some sort of a faculty development program (FDP) in order  to  deal with  the rapid changes. He urged the participants to actively involve in the sessions and disseminate the knowledge to the students.

There was a total of 18 sessions. Each session was handled by experts from reputed academic institutions and industries. Various topics of machine learning and optimizations were presented.A total of 65 faculty members across kerala participated in the programme. The FDP was concluded with valedictory function on30 June  2021.The chief Guest for Valedictory function was Col.B. Venkat, Director, Faculty Development Cell, AICTE, New Delhi. He mentioned that, the importance of machine learning in different fields. He pointed out the necessity of upgradation of knowledge to newer technologies like AI and MI, Automation and Robotics .

The session was concluded with the vote of thanksby Dr.V.Balamurugan, FDP Coordinator. He highlighted the immense contribution of the Organizing Committee members and experts. He mentioned  special thanks to .. Dr. P.R SreemahadevanPillai , Principal , Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology and Director, Ahalia group of Academic Institutions and Dr. Krishna Kumar Kishor , Vice- Principal and Executive Director, Ahalia Group , He also showed his gratitude towards the Ahalia Management and Advosiry Committee members  for facilitating the event. He heartily thanked all the speakers who spared their valuable time. He also thanked all the participants who made this event a grand success by participating wholeheartedly.

Outcome of the FDP:

All the sessions were very informative. The discussed areas are of great benefit to the participants as the topics with the latest trends. Participants were educated on the most widely used advance strategies in Machine Learning areas like Deep learning algorithms, SVM, CNN etc. The participants gained knowledge about Machine Learning andoptimization techniques. This FDP was immensely useful for the beginner level and middle level research scholars. The research scholars can get technical inputs for their research work from the Resource Persons. This in turn will help in motivating participants and accentuate the placement opportunities of students.

The programme was designed to be generic in nature for satisfying the needs of academic institutions and industry personnel field of machine learning and artificial Intelligence.

65 eligible participants were distributed with the participant certificates on successful completion of the programme.

The following Feedback was received from the participants:

  • 80.4% of the participants felt that the delivery and presentation of the resource persons were excellent and 17 % of the participants wrote as very good.
  • 78.6% of the participants opined that the FDP was coordinated as excellent 19.6% of the participants wrote as very good.
  • Participants endorsed the fact that such FDPs should be arranged regularly.

FDP proceedings-