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Achievements – Civil Engineering

5th APJ AKT University Intercollegiate Athletics Meet – 2022-23
Athletes of Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology participated and bagged coveted prizes in the 5th APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University Intercollegiate Athletics Meet held on April 18–23, 2023, at …
Eleven Students Placed In GOAN Institute International
Ms. Akshaya A, Ms. SoumyaSree M., Ms. Swetha S., Ms. Swapna Radhakrishnan, Mr. Sreerag P. Kaimal, of 2019-23 Civil Engineering, Mr. Ajmal Farhan of Mechanical Engineering and Mr. Selman S., …
Five Students Join Ahalia Group
Sl. NoName of the studentBatch & branchPosition01Arjun Satheesh2018-22, B.Tech. CEJr.Civil Engineer02Hariharan G2018-22, B.Tech. CEJr.Civil Engineer03Haritha P Haridas2017-21, B.Tech. CEJr. Civil Engineer04Rashik S A2018-22, B.Tech. EEEJr.Electrical Engineer05Jamsheer J2018-22, B.Tech. EEEJr.Electrical Engineer
Varsha V. and Priya V. P. Placed in Federal Bank
Varsha V. (Civil, 2018-22 batch) and Priya V. P. (Civil, 2018-22 batch) have been offered placements in Federal Bank. Congratulations!
Four Students Placed at Ahalia Group
Mr. Akhildas (2017-21, EEE batch) and Ms. Namitha N. (2017-21, EEE batch) have been selected for administrative positions in Ahalia Group, Kerala. Mr. Vigneswaran S. (2017-21, ECE batch) has been …
2017-21 Batch – Students with Honours Degree
Ms. Anagha K. P. (CE), Ms. Gopika K. (CE), Ms. Rafseena M. K. (CE), Ms. Kavya K. R. (ECE), Ms. Vishnupriya K. (ECE), Ms. Bhadra Mahesh (EEE), Mr. Harisankar T. …
Best Outgoing Student of 2017-21
Ms. Anagha K. P. (2017-21 batch, Civil Engineering) has been awarded the best outgoing student award for the year 2021. Congratulations!
Three Students Placed at Byju’s Learning App
Ms.Gopika U., Mr.Sandesh N., and Mr.Athul Krishnan M.K. of 2017-21 Batch, CE Dept. have been offered placements at Byju's Learning App. Congratulations!
Five Students Placed in Cognizant
Ms. Sreelakshmi Vinod (CSE, 2017-21 batch), Mr. Harikrishnan K. P. (CSE, 2017-21 batch), Ms. Jissy R. (ECE, 2017-21 batch), Ms. Megha K. A. (ECE, 2017-21 batch) and Ms. Anagha K. …
Sharath Sunil Ravi Placed in MySlate
Mr. Sharath Sunil Ravi (2017-21, Civil Engineering) has been offered placement in MySlate as Assistant Tutor. Congratulations!
ASET Wins District Collector’s Trophy
Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology wins District Collector's Trophy for the best college in the district for conducting election awareness programs.
2019 – 2023 Batch Toppers
Congratulations to the toppers of the 2019-23 batch after their Semester II results. NameBatchAswathi S.Civil EngineeringShabarish R.Computer Science and EngineeringVaishnaviElectrical and Electronics EngineeringRahil RoshanMechanical EngineeringArya R. KrishnaElectronics and Communication Engineering
Ashok Rajat and Shamnad T. K. Join Ahalia Group
Mr. Ashok Rajat (2016-20, Civil Engineering) and Mr. Shamnad T. K. (2016-20, Civil Engineering) have joined Ahalia Group as Junior Engineer. Congratulations!
‘Me & My Plant’ Competition
The plant photography competition named ‘Me & My Plant’ was conducted on 14 June 2021. A total of 16 internal and external people participated. The plant craft ideas were judged …
Thirteen Students Placed in Infosys
The following students of 2017-21 batch have been offered placements in Infosys 2021 Campus recruitment.Ms. Jissy R. (ECE), Ms. Megha K. A. (ECE), Ms. Vishnupriya K. (ECE), Ms. Amitha Mohandas (CSE), …
‘Tierra’ – Online Quiz Competition Winners
Congratulations to Mr. Akhilesh Siva S. (2019-2023 Mechanical, Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology) and Ms. Swetha R. (2019-2023 Civil, Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology) for winning the second …
2021 Mother’s Day Celebrations
The Women Development Cell, Ahalia School Of  Engineering  and Technology, Palakkad celebrated Mother’s Day on 9th May 2021, to provide an opportunity to the students for expressing their love and …