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Achievements – Civil Engineering

5 Students Join Ahalia Group
Ms. Dhivya K. Nair (2016-20 batch Civil Engineering), Ms. Shibna (2016-20 batch Civil Engineering ), Mr. Dileep P. (2016-20 batch Mechanical Engineering), Mr. Sanal Prakash C. (2015-19 batch Mechanical Engineering) …
Best Outgoing, Best All-Rounder and Class Toppers – 2020
Congratulations! Best Outgoing Student 2016-20 Best All-Rounder 2016-20 Class Toppers 2016-20
Arjun S. Wins Sing & Win Competition
Arjun S. (S8 CE) of Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology has won the first prize in the Sing & Win Competition organized by Ahalia Events in April 2020.
Aparna K. and Neeraja M. Placed in Infosys
Ms. Aparna K. (ECE) and Ms. Neeraja M. (CE), students of the 2016-20 batch, have been offered placement in Infosys as Systems Engineer. Congratulations!
Hardhi S. Joins Ahalia Group
Ms. Hardhi S. (2014-18, Civil Engineering) has joined Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology as Lab Instructor in the Department of Civil Engineering. Congratulations!
Eight Students Join Ahalia Group
Swathi C. (2014-18 CSE batch), Anjali S. (2014-18 ECE batch), Megha M. (2014-18 ECE batch), Vignesh V. (2014-18 EEE batch), Varsha K. (2015-19 ECE batch), Gayathri S. (2015-19 ECE batch), …
Arjun S. wins at Ahalia Arts Fest
Fourth year Civil Engineering student, Arjun S. (2016-20 batch) has secured the second position in solo song competition at Ahalia Arts Fest held on 23 November 2019.
Rahul R. Joins Ahalia Group
Rahul R. (2015-19 batch), an alumni of the of the Civil Engineering Department of Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology has joined Ahalia Group as a Junior Engineer. Congratulations!
Ashna A., Naveena S., Lidiya S. Join Ahalia Group
Ashna A. (2015-19 CE batch), Naveena S. (2014-18 EEE batch) and Lidiya S. (2014-18 EEE batch), alumni of Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology have joined Ahalia Group, Abu Dhabi, …
Meena R. and team win third position in KTU E-Zone Kabaddi Tournament
First year Civil Engineering student, Meena R. (2019-23 batch) and team represented Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology, Palakkad and secured the third position in the University E-Zone Kabaddi Tournament …
Rajat Ashok and team win first prize in KTU E-Zone Badminton Championship
Final year Civil Engineering student, Rajat Ashok (2016-20 batch), and his team has secured the first prize in the KTU E-Zone Badminton Championship held at Palakkad on 18 September 2019.
Anagha K. P. wins at ASET Arts Fest 2019
Anagha K. P. (2017-21 batch) has won the second prize for Step and Synchro event held as part of the ASET Arts Fest 2019. on 14 May 2019. Anagha K. …
Best Outgoing Student of 2018-19 in CE Dept.
Ms. Aiswarya V. (2015-19 batch) has been awarded the best outgoing student award for the year 2018-19 in the Civil Engineering Department.
Civil Engineering students at TEKON 2019
The Department of Civil Engineering congratulates final year students, Ashna A., Jisha Vijayan, Arun Jayakumar Menon and Yadhunandan (2015-2019 batch), for winning Special Prize at TEKON 2019 for their project …
Ms. Saranya R. has secured First Rank
Department of Civil Engineering congratulates Ms. Saranya R. for securing First Rank in Calicut University for B.Tech. Civil Engineering in 2013-17 Batch. Saranya R. (2013-17), Rank: 1
Neeraja M., Priyanka Thachath and team win third position in KTU E-Zone Tournament
Third year Civil Engineering students, Neeraja M. and Priyanka Thachath (2016-20 batch), were part of a team that has secured third position in the Kabbadi E-Zone tournament held at Eranad …
Arjun S. wins at PETRICHOR
Arjun S. (2016-20 batch), final year student of Civil Engineering, has won the first position in PETRICHOR, the techno-cultural fest of Indian Institute of Technology, Palakkad which was held on …
Best Outgoing Student-2018 In Civil Department
Ms. Deepika T. (2014-2018 Batch) was awarded the Best Outgoing Student of the year 2018 in the Civil Engineering Department. Deepika T. (2014-18)
26 students Placed in Study Springs
Ms. Anjana M. (2014-18 CE batch), Ms. Anu Johnson (2014-18 CE batch), Ms. Greeshma K. (2014-18 CE batch), Ms. Haritha S. (2014-18 CE batch), Mr. Sajal R. K. (2014-18 CE …
29 Students Placed in Accenta Education
Mr. Jishnoop J. (ME), Mr. Jishnu V. (ME), Ms. Akshaya M. (EEE), Ms. Ashna Jasmine Williams (EEE), Ms. Lidya Sreenivasan (EEE), Ms. Sneha S. (EEE), Ms. Uthara K. J. (EEE), …