Ahalia School of Engineering & Technology

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Academics – Electronics and Communication Engineering


Syllabus (2019)

Semester 3

MAT201 Partial Differential Equation and Complex Analysis

ECT201 Solid State Devices

ECT203 Logic Circuits Design

ECT205 Network Theory

EST200 Design and Engineering

MCN201 Sustainable Engineering

ECL201 Scientific Computing Lab

ECL203 Logic Design Lab

VAC Remedial/Minor Course

Semester 4

MAT204 Probability, Random Process and Numerical Methods

ECT202 Analog Circuits

ECT204 Signals and Systems

ECT206 Computer Architecture and Microcontrollers

HUT200 Professional Ethics

MCN202 Constitution of India

ECL202 Analog Circuits and Simulation Lab

ECL204 Microcontroller Lab

VAC Remedial/Minor/Honours Course

Syllabus (2016)