Ahalia School of Engineering & Technology

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Achievements – Electrical and Electronics Engineering

First Prize in Short Film Competition on Energy Conservation
The final year students of EEE Department of Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology received the first prize in the short film competition on energy conservation, conducted by SILCO & …
Nine Students Placed In Cummins International
Mr. Pramod Krishna P. (2019-23, EEE), Mr. Unnikrishnan J. (2019-23, EEE), Mr. Jijith V. (2019-23, EEE), Mr. Suraj Rajesh (2019-23, Mechanical), Mr.Naveent T. V. (2019-23, Mechanical), Ms.Sreelakshmi M. Nair (2019-23, …
Five Students Join Ahalia Group
Sl. NoName of the studentBatch & branchPosition01Arjun Satheesh2018-22, B.Tech. CEJr.Civil Engineer02Hariharan G2018-22, B.Tech. CEJr.Civil Engineer03Haritha P Haridas2017-21, B.Tech. CEJr. Civil Engineer04Rashik S A2018-22, B.Tech. EEEJr.Electrical Engineer05Jamsheer J2018-22, B.Tech. EEEJr.Electrical Engineer
Three Students Placed at Ahalia Group
Mr. Hrishikesh M. (2017-21, ME batch), Mr. Bharath Roshan (2017-21, ME batch) and Ms. Badhra Mahesh A. (2017-21, EEE batch) have been placed at Ahalia Group. Congratulations!
EEE Students Win Second Place in Short Film Competition
The students from EEE 2019-2023 batch of Ahalia School of Engineering and technology bagged the second prize in the short film competition organized by Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology, Coimbatore …
Books Published
Dr. Krishna Kumar Kishor (Executive Director – Ahalia Group, Vice Principal– ASET) authored the book titled, "Scientific Computing Using Scilab", published by Amazon. Available here.Dr. G. Murugananth (Prof. & Head …
Akhildas M. Placed in TCS
Akhildas M. (2017-21, EEE batch) has been placed in TCS as Assistant System Engineer. Congratulations!
MoU with Kanjikode Industries Forum
Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology signed a MoU with Kanjikode Industries Forum. This provided an opportunity for students to visit and do internships in institutions in the Kanjikode industrial …
Thirteen Students Placed at TCS
The following thirteen students of the 2018-22 batch have been offered placement at TCS as Assistant System Engineer. Congratulations! Anusree S. (ECE), Aswathy K. (ECE), Krishnanunni Sunil (CSE), Akshith K. …
Four Students Placed at Ahalia Group
Mr. Akhildas (2017-21, EEE batch) and Ms. Namitha N. (2017-21, EEE batch) have been selected for administrative positions in Ahalia Group, Kerala. Mr. Vigneswaran S. (2017-21, ECE batch) has been …
2017-21 Batch – Students with Honours Degree
Ms. Anagha K. P. (CE), Ms. Gopika K. (CE), Ms. Rafseena M. K. (CE), Ms. Kavya K. R. (ECE), Ms. Vishnupriya K. (ECE), Ms. Bhadra Mahesh (EEE), Mr. Harisankar T. …
ASET Wins District Collector’s Trophy
Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology wins District Collector's Trophy for the best college in the district for conducting election awareness programs.
Seven Students Placed in Ahalia Group
Ms. Sulfitha H. (2016-20, CSE), Ms. Anjana Krishnakumar (2016-20, ECE), Mr. Ajeev K. (2015-19, ME), Mr. Sanjay K. J. (2014-18, ME), Mr. Sajin Sasidharan (2014-18, ME) and Mr. Aswin M. …
2019 – 2023 Batch Toppers
Congratulations to the toppers of the 2019-23 batch after their Semester II results. NameBatchAswathi S.Civil EngineeringShabarish R.Computer Science and EngineeringVaishnaviElectrical and Electronics EngineeringRahil RoshanMechanical EngineeringArya R. KrishnaElectronics and Communication Engineering
Aswin Sooraj R. and Krishnaja S. Join Ahalia Group
Mr. Aswin Sooraj R.(2015-19, EEE batch) has joined Ahalia Group as Junior Electrical Engineer and Ms. Krishnaja S., (2016-20, CSE batch) has joined Ahalia Group, Abu Dhabi, U. A. E. …
Thanveer Ansik and Bhadra Mahesh Placed in TCS
Mr. Thanveer Ansik Aliakbar (2017-21 CSE) and Ms. Bhadra Mahesh (2017-21 EEE) have been offered placement in TCS. Congratulations!