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26 students Placed in Study Springs

Ms. Anjana M. (2014-18 CE batch), Ms. Anu Johnson (2014-18 CE batch), Ms. Greeshma K. (2014-18 CE batch), Ms. Haritha S. (2014-18 CE batch), Mr. Sajal R. K. (2014-18 CE batch), Ms. Sajna S. (2014-18 CE batch), Mr. Anirudh P. (2014-18 CSE batch), Mr. Harikrishna Mohan (2014-18 CSE batch), Mr. Jas S. (2014-18 CSE batch), Ms. Karunya K. (2014-18 CSE batch), Mr. Syam Kumar E. (2014-18 CSE batch), Mr. Vishnu V. (2014-18 CSE batch), Ms. Anjali S. (2014-18 ECE batch), Ms. Anjana J. (2014-18 ECE batch), Ms. Anupama Menon (2014-18 ECE batch), Ms. Gayathri K. (2014-18 ECE batch), Ms. Sangeetha Mohan (2014-18 ECE batch), Ms. Sreelakshmi M. (2014-18 ECE batch), Ms. Tonur Aparna (2014-18 ECE batch), Mr. Vivek Vinod (2014-18 ECE batch), Mr. Anooj C. (2014-18 ECE batch), Ms. Meenakrishna R. (2014-18 EEE batch), Mr. Rahul B. (2014-18 EEE batch), Mr. Ashir M. B. (2014-18 ME batch), Mr. Jerin George P. (2014-18 ME batch) and Mr. Jishnoop J. (2014-18 ME batch) have been offered placements in Study Springs as Junior Executives. Congratulations!