Industrial Training at BSNL RTTC Trivandrum

Industrial Training at BSNL RTTC Trivandrum

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering in assosciation with the IEEE Student Branch, IEEE WIE AG Student Branch Chapter, IEEE Communication Society of Ahalia School Of Engineering And Technology, Palakkad organized one week industrial training program for S7 ECE (2019-23) students from 18th October 2022 to 22nd October 2022 at BSNL Regional Training Centre, Trivandrum.

First day after the registration process Mr.Shafil gave us a brief introduction about the Tele-communication system. The second session was about the basics of Networking and network topologies.

The first session of the second day was about Optical Fiber. The session was handled by Mr. Biju. He taught us about packet Data network (PDN), Embedded Mobile Broadband (EMBB), Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC) and Machine to Machine Communication (MMTC). He also showed us the Hata Model and Welfish Halkeni Model. The session ended with the comparison between the customer densities in rural and urban areas.

We had 3 sessions on the next day. In this session they gave us an overview about the communication of mobiles and its journey from 2G to 3G to 4G and finally to 5G communications. After this session Mr. Shafi guided us to the nearby BSNL telephone exchange where he showed us the generator and explained about its working, DC sources, power sources and also how the exchange works. He also showed us the working model of BSNL fiber net and how it is been maintained. The final session was handled by Mr. Biju who took us to the laboratory and showed us the model of BTS and also a machine that calculates the VSWR rate/value.

In the fourth day, the first session conducted was based on the introduction class of OF cable, splice closures, single mode and multimode pigtails and patch cord, tool kit for splicing, etc. The next session was a class on importance of cyber security. The class focused on the importance of various cyber threats such as virus, worms, Ddos attacks and other vulnerabilities like Middle man attack and Phishing, etc.

In the last day, the first session was about Networking which was handled by Mr. Pathmadharshan. In this session he guided us about the evolution of 5G communication and LTE. After that Mr. Biju conducted an evaluation test for all the students based on the topics covered till the last day. Then, there was a feedback session about the whole Internship and hostel facilities. All the students gave their feedbacks and they were discussed later with the faculties. All the sessions were very much useful and interactive The internship was completed successfully.