Life Skill Communication Module by ASAP commences

The training session on Life Skill Communication Module by ASAP commenced on 21 December 2019 and was conducted by master trainer ASAP, Mr. Sherin S. 25 students have registered for this course. The training session started with introduction of the trainer, which was followed by each participant introducing himself/herself by mentioning their name and few personal attributes. A brief intro was conducted by the trainer which had five questions and was aimed at analyzing the trainees’ existing knowledge of the subject matter and how much they already know about some of the topics which are to be discussed during the training. The trainer, in consultation with the trainees, set the basic guidelines to be applicable during the training days in order to maintain a productive and organized training program. The trainees agreed upon several guidelines for the training like putting their phones on silent, coming on time, respecting others’ ideas, to speak in English throughout the training hours, not interfering when others talk etc. The participants were given training in activities regarding different aspects of communication like verbal, body language, vocabulary and common mistakes while speaking English. The session ended with the trainer reviewing the topics discussed during the day with input from the participants. Finally, the participants were asked to reflect upon their learning throughout the day.