Seminar On FOSS And MoU Exchange With Red Hat Academy

A one day seminar was organized by CSE department on ‘FOSS awareness’ for S4 and S6 CSE students on 28/03/18 at ASET seminar hall .The seminar was funded by ICFOSS,Trivandrum. The seminar was handled by Mr. Nived Velyudhan (Red Hat Expert) of IPSR Solutions, Ernakulam. The seminar started off at 10.15 am with a formal introduction about FOSS(free and open source software) and its relevance in the present times.The MoU exchange event was formally started by Mr. Dhanesh S. (Asst.Professor ME) and was addressed by Dr. Krishna Kumar Kishor, Dr. P. Sankarankutty, Dr. B. G. Vishnuram, Mr. E. P. B Rajithan, Dr. Ramesh Kumar R. and Mr. Nived Velayudhan. The MoU with Red Hat Academy was exchanged by ASET Principal (Dr.B.G.Vishnuram) and IPSR representative (Mr. Nived Velayudhan) in the esteemed presence of the dignitaries.