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17 Students Placed in Full Creative

Ms. Anupriya A. (EEE), Ms. Ashna Jasmine Williams (EEE), Ms. Lidya Sreenivasan (EEE), Ms. Meena Krishna R. (EEE), Mr. Naveena S. (EEE), Mr. Sarath M. (EEE), Ms. Sreelakshmi M. (ECE), Ms. Sreelakshmi V. (ECE), Mr. Vivek Vinod (ECE) and Mr. Anooj C. (ECE), Mr. Bharat Krishna (CSE), Mr. Subash S. (CSE), Ms. Swathi C. (CSE), Mr. Syam Kumar E. (CSE), Ms. Vishnu Priya M. (CSE), Mr. Vishnu V. (CSE) and Ms. Sumi G. (CSE), students of the 2014-18 batch, have been offered placement in Full Creative as Software Developer. Congratulations!