ASET Soccer League – Season 2

The highlight sports event of ASET and the biggest intramural sports festival of Ahalia Campus, ASET Soccer League (ASL Season 2), successfully concluded on 18 February 2020. The tournament was conducted in the same format of Indian Super League. The ASL Committee identified 6 icon players based on their previous match experiences and these players along with their team mangers registered their teams. Through open player registration, more than 120 students from Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology registered as players for the league. An auction-based team formation was conducted. The following are the 6 teams registered: FC SOLTEROS, FC PULLINGO, RED DEVILS, GUNNERS FC, TORINO FC & V UNITED FC. From the league round held from 18/11/2019 with 16 matches, top 4 teams entered in to the semifinals. The first semi was played on 12/02/2020, between FC Solteros VS V United FC. V United FC entered into the final. The second semi was played on 13/02/2020, between FC Pulliongo VS Gunners FC. FC Pullingo entered into the final. Dr. P. R. Sreemahadevan Pillai (Director, Academics, AHHKV & Principal, ASET) inaugurated the final. In the final between FC Pullingo & V United FC, V United FC won the match in penalties (score 5 – 4). In loser’s final between FC Scolteros VS Gunners FC, Gunners FC became the third position by scoring one goal.  The award ceremony was held on 18/02/2020. 

Top Scorer Award – Mr. Abhinav (S8 CE) of Solteros FC & Mr. Vishnu (S4 CSE) of Gunners FC (3 goals each)
Fair Play Award – Torino FC
Emerging player award – Mr. Balakrishnan (S2 ME) of Gunners FC
Best Goalkeeper – Mr. Anoop M. (S6 ME) of V United FC
Best Player – Mr. Monish (S6 ME) of Pullingos FC
2nd Runner up – Gunners FC
Runner up – Pullingos FC
Winners – V United FC