Association Inauguration of CSE Dept.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering inaugurated the association events for the academic year 2020-21 on 15/10/2021. The function started at 4.00 p.m. with the welcome address of Dr. S. Gunasekaran, HOD/CSE. The inaugural address was given by Dr. P. R. Sreemahadevan Pillai, Principal, ASET. The felicitation address was given by Dr. Krishna Kumar Kishor, Asst. Director. The name of CSE association is “Cyborg”. During this function, various clubs like Coding Club, Magazine Club, Computer Academy and Cultural Club were formed and inaugurated. The faculty in-charges and student in-charges for the various clubs are as follows:
• Association in-charge – Mr. Sreerag B.M, AP/CSE
• Association student chairman – Mr. Thanveer Ansik Aliakbar, S7 CSE
• Association secretary – Ms. Sharfana N M, S7 CSE
• Coding club in-charge – Prof. Sruthi Sukumaran – AP/CSE, Prof. Aswathi P. V. – AP/CSE
• Coding club Student members: Mr. Anandu K. – S7 CSE, Jayadev V – S7 CSE
• Magazine Club in-charge – Prof. Roshan Sanu Y. – AP/CSE, Prof. Akhil – AP/CSE
• Magazine Club Student members: Gokul R. – S7 CSE, Amitha Mohandas – S7 CSE
• Ahalia Computer Academy in-charge – Prof. Anand Haridas – AP/CSE, Prof. Krishna Kumar C. – AP/CSE
• Ahalia Computer Academy student members: Fathima Nazrin – S7 CSE, Harikrishnan K P – S7 CSE
• Music and Cultural in-charge – Prof. Keerthana I.P – AP/CSE
• Music and Cultural Student members: Sreelakshmi Vinod – S7 CSE, Mariha P M – S7 CSE
Mr. Thanveer Ansik Aliakbar (Association chairman) gave the vote of thanks. The function concluded by 4.45 p.m.