Introduction to MATLAB, Octave

The IEEE Student Branch and the IEEE APS Student Branch Chapter of Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology, Palakkad Technology conducted an online workshop on Introduction to MATLAB/Octave on 16th and 23rd May 2020 at 11 a.m. The session was handled by Dr. Krishna Kumar Kishor, Assoc. Prof., ECE Dept., Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology. The session was coordinated by Ms. Vishnupriya K. (3rd year ECE) and Mr. Anirudh (1st year ECE). In the first session 79 people participated (10 IEEE members, 69 non-IEEE members) and in the second session 41 people participated (6 IEEE members, 35 non-IEEE members). The session started with a brief introduction to the history and applications of MATLAB and Octave. The first session focused on the using the command window for doing basic algebra, working with complex numbers, vectors and matrices. In the second session, the use of variables and making plots using the command window were discussed. The second session also covered the use of the editor for script-based programming. The topics covered included syntax, performing basic algebra, use of complex numbers, vectors and matrices, conditional statements and for and while loops. The workshop concluded with an example that dealt with Fourier Series, which covered all the concepts demonstrated in the two sessions and the use of the MATLAB and Octave as powerful visualization tools to understand fundamental concepts.