Ahalia School of Engineering & Technology

Facilities – Computer Science and Engineering

Laboratory Facilities

The primary purpose of computer lab resources is for academic research, study, and class assignments. Computer science department in the college has its own computer labs with faster internet access facility for providing the students with greater opportunities to hone their talents and knowledge skills, helping them to remain updated on emerging trends and technologies. Computing Laboratory facilities are utilized for the conductance of basic Programming Course, Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures, Algorithm Development etc. The department concentrates on upgrading its facilities by including the state-of-art technology in hardware and software available within the country and abroad. Students get the best computer setup which includes different Operating systems, Computer Networking, Multi-OS-Access, and Multimedia Setup with GUI, software packages like Matlab etc. as well as emerging high level languages. The Network laboratories enable students to do their network projects on real world problems. Use of the lab is restricted to the current students, faculty and staff. The computer lab-III is equipped with systems that contains various Linux based open source software and open source software tools that enable students to practically learn the open source software programming. Students can work on the various projects parallely using various open source version control softwares. Use of the lab is restricted to the current students, faculty and staff.