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Publications – Computer Science and Engineering

TitleAuthorsMonth, YearPublication details
Blockchain Based Crowd Funding for StartupsAnand Haridas, Mrudula R., Bavitha B., Clincy Baby, Aswathy M.May 2020International Journal of Scientific Research & Development (IJSRD), vol. 8, issue 3
S Chain: A Block Chain System for Small and Medium Sized EnterprisesAnand Haridas, Mrudula R., Clincy Baby2020International Journal of Current Engineering and Scientific Research Orgnization, vol. 7, issue 2
Puzzle Based Highly Secure SteganographySiva Shankar S.Feb. 2017ICAMMAET Conference
A Robust Image Encryption in Semantic Content for High SecuritySiva Shankar S., Rangarjan Alwar, M. Rajeshkhanna, Rajasekaran S.Sept. 2016International Journal of Control Theory and Applications
Entity Recognition in Malayalam Using Fuzzy Support Vector MachineLakshmy G., Janu R. Panikar, Meera M.Aug. 2016International Conference in Information Science
Data Hiding in Encrypted Images Using Arnold TransformSiva Shankar S., A. RangarajanAug. 2016ICTACT Journal on Image and Video Processing, vol. 7, issue 1
A comparative study in image compression using halftoning based block truncation coding for color imageMeharban M. S., Priya S.Apr. 2016International Journal on Cybernetics and Informatics, vol. 5, issue 2
A Review on Image Retrieval TechniqueMeharban M. S., S. PriyaApr. 2016Bonfiring International Journal of Advances in Image Processing, vol. 6, issue 2
QR Code Security Using Proxy Re-EncryptionAkhil N.V., Athira S., Vijay, Deepa S. KumarMar. 2016International Conference on Circuit, Power and Computing Technologies
A Hybrid Scheme of DDBTC Encoding and CCF, BPF Extraction for Image Retrieval Process with Relevance FeedbackMeharban M. S., S. PriyaFeb. 2016International Journal for Engineering and Future Technology, vol. 1, issue 1
DSPAA: A Data Sharing Platform with Automated AnnotationKeethana I. P., T. Aby AbahaiFeb. 2016Elsevier International Conference on Computational Modeling and Security, vol. 85
Secure Two Factor Authentication using QRAkhil N.V., D. S. KumarJan. 2016Joint International Conference ICPCIT 2016 and ICAIECES 2016
Color Visual Cryptography Scheme for Natural Image Using Complement Cover and Share AuthenticationDr. R. Ramesh Kumar, S. ChandramathiJan. 2016Asian Journal of Information Technology
A survey on selection of efficient web service based on service qualityArun S., Aravind Srinivas C. V., Johith Sundar, Roshan Sanu Jan. 2016International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering, vol. 4, issue 1