Ahalia School of Engineering & Technology

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About – Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the AHALIA School of Engineering and Technology, Palakkad was formed in the year 2012 along with the start of the institution. The Mechanical Engineering department provides an outstanding academic environment complimented by excellence in teaching. The department offers B.Tech. degree. The department has a comprehensive syllabus on topics covering all the aspects of production, manufacturing, thermal, fluid mechanics and Design. The department also emphasizes on practical learning. The course structure includes courses on Computer aided machining and manufacturing to equip our students with the latest developments in the field of production and manufacturing.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering will create professionals with sound technical knowledge and innovative approaches, and are competent to pursue diverse and successful careers


To nurture students with moral and ethical values so as to excel in academics and innovative research activities that meet the industrial and societal challenges

To motivate staff and students for creative thinking, thereby enriching the teaching-learning experience.

Programme Educational Objectives

Graduates will have a foundation in engineering and technology to use appropriate theory, mathematics and computational technology to analyze and solve problems encountered in the applications of mechanical systems design and manufacturing.

Graduates will apply the highest professional and ethical standards to their activities in the mechanical and manufacturing industry. Engage in applications oriented design, manufacturing, and management of mechanical systems, including computer aided design and manufacturing, and all the technical and economic variables affecting production.

Graduates will be prepared to join a technically sophisticated workforce as successful professionals in a wide range of mechanical engineering and related fields as effective collaborators and innovators, leading in efforts to address social, technical and business challenges.

Graduates will engage in life-long learning and professional development though self-study, continuing education or graduate and professional studies in engineering.