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Achievements – Mechanical Engineering

Six Students Join Ahalia Group
Mr. Neeraj N., Mr. Vishnu Santhosh, Mr. Justine P., Mr. Shivraj C. R., Mr. Vyshnav S., Mr. Nadheer K. S., have joined Ahalia Group in various positions. Congratulations!
Ajay Krishnan Wins 3rd Prize in Kumite – 67Kg Category
Mr. Ajay Krishnan M. (2020-24 ME) has won the 3rd Prize in Kumite – 67 Category in the 43rd Kerala state Senior Karate Championship. Congratulations!
Nine Students Placed In Cummins International
Mr. Pramod Krishna P. (2019-23, EEE), Mr. Unnikrishnan J. (2019-23, EEE), Mr. Jijith V. (2019-23, EEE), Mr. Suraj Rajesh (2019-23, Mechanical), Mr.Naveent T. V. (2019-23, Mechanical), Ms.Sreelakshmi M. Nair (2019-23, …
Srijin S. Wins Bronze in University Interzone Karate Championship
The Management, Principal, Staff and Students of ASET congratulates Mr. Srijin S. (2020-24, B.Tech., Mechanical Engineering) for winning the Bronze Medal in Karate (Men) – 55 Kg Kumite.
Eleven Students Placed In GOAN Institute International
Ms. Akshaya A, Ms. SoumyaSree M., Ms. Swetha S., Ms. Swapna Radhakrishnan, Mr. Sreerag P. Kaimal, of 2019-23 Civil Engineering, Mr. Ajmal Farhan of Mechanical Engineering and Mr. Selman S., …
Three Students Placed at Ahalia Group
Mr. Hrishikesh M. (2017-21, ME batch), Mr. Bharath Roshan (2017-21, ME batch) and Ms. Badhra Mahesh A. (2017-21, EEE batch) have been placed at Ahalia Group. Congratulations!
Books Published
Dr. Krishna Kumar Kishor (Executive Director – Ahalia Group, Vice Principal– ASET) authored the book titled, "Scientific Computing Using Scilab", published by Amazon. Available here.Dr. G. Murugananth (Prof. & Head …
2017-21 Batch – Students with Honours Degree
Ms. Anagha K. P. (CE), Ms. Gopika K. (CE), Ms. Rafseena M. K. (CE), Ms. Kavya K. R. (ECE), Ms. Vishnupriya K. (ECE), Ms. Bhadra Mahesh (EEE), Mr. Harisankar T. …
Harisankar T. Placed in TCS
Mr. Harisankar T. (2017-21, Mechanical Engineering) has been offered placement in TCS. Congratulations!
ASET Wins District Collector’s Trophy
Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology wins District Collector's Trophy for the best college in the district for conducting election awareness programs.
Video Contest on ‘Atmanirbar Bharat’
The Unnat Bharat Abhiyan Cell of Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology conducted a video contest on the topic 'Atmanirbar Bharath' on 27 July 2021. The competition was conducted in …
Seven Students Placed in Ahalia Group
Ms. Sulfitha H. (2016-20, CSE), Ms. Anjana Krishnakumar (2016-20, ECE), Mr. Ajeev K. (2015-19, ME), Mr. Sanjay K. J. (2014-18, ME), Mr. Sajin Sasidharan (2014-18, ME) and Mr. Aswin M. …
Poster and Essay Competition on ‘World Population Day’
The NDLI club and the Literature club, Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology conducted a poster and essay writing competitions as part of the ‘World Population Day’ on 10/07/21. The …
2019 – 2023 Batch Toppers
Congratulations to the toppers of the 2019-23 batch after their Semester II results. NameBatchAswathi S.Civil EngineeringShabarish R.Computer Science and EngineeringVaishnaviElectrical and Electronics EngineeringRahil RoshanMechanical EngineeringArya R. KrishnaElectronics and Communication Engineering
Thirteen Students Placed in Infosys
The following students of 2017-21 batch have been offered placements in Infosys 2021 Campus recruitment.Ms. Jissy R. (ECE), Ms. Megha K. A. (ECE), Ms. Vishnupriya K. (ECE), Ms. Amitha Mohandas (CSE), …
‘Tierra’ – Online Quiz Competition Winners
Congratulations to Mr. Akhilesh Siva S. (2019-2023 Mechanical, Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology) and Ms. Swetha R. (2019-2023 Civil, Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology) for winning the second …
Sanjay Wins Debugging Competition
Mr. Sanjay of 2nd year Mechanical Engineering has won the second prize in DCYPHER, an all Kerala online debugging competition, as part of WiEvacity, WiE Week 2021. This event was …
Three Students Join Ahalia Group
Mr. Harigovind P. M. (2015-19, Mechanical Engineering), Mr. Ajay Krishnan A. (2015-19, Mechanical Engineering) have joined Ahalia Group as Service Engineer and Mr. Athul B. (2016-20, Electronics and Communication Engineering) …