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Academics – Mechanical Engineering


Syllabus (2019)

Semester 3

MAT201 Partial Differential Equation and Complex Analysis

MET201 Mechanics of Solids

MET203 Mechanics of Fluids

MET205 Metallurgy & Material Science

EST200 Design & Engineering

HUT200 Professional Ethics

MCN201 Sustainable Engineering

MEL201 Computer Aided Machine Drawing

MEL203 Material Testing Lab

VAC Remedial / Minor course

Semester 4

MAT202 Probability, Statistics and Numerical Methods

MET202 Engineering Thermodynamics

MET204 Manufacturing Process

MET206 Fluid Machinery

EST200 Design & Engineering

HUT200 Professional Ethics

MCN202 Constitution of India

MEL202 Fluid Machinery and Hydraulic Machines Lab

MEL204 Machine Tools Lab – I

VAC Remedial / Minor / Honours course

Syllabus (2016)